FLC’s Mission Statement

Foothills Land Conservancy is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the lands and environments of the Southern Appalachian region and promoting the character of the land for the benefit of the general public, now and in the future.

Now in our 39th year of service, FLC has assisted in the preservation of over 140,000 acres of cherished mountains, working farms, and rural landscapes in 47 Tennessee counties and across 6 additional states!

Foothills primarily works with landowners, who wish to permanently preserve their property in it’s natural state or as a working farm, through a voluntary and customizable agreement called a conservation easement. A conservation easement is a legal contract between a landowner and FLC describing what activities may take place on a property in order to protect the land’s conservation values.  When an easement is signed and recorded, the landowner and FLC continue to work together to protect the property. Landowners continue to own, use and live on the land.

There are also instances where people desire to give Foothills Land Conservancy a tract of land. We will often place a conservation easement on the property and at times decide to donate these parcels to agencies, like the State of TN’s Wildlife Resources Agency, for both public enjoyment and the benefit to wildlife. 

FLC is a 501(c)(3) organization and does not receive any financial assistance from local, state or federal governments. Foothills relies on individual and corporate contributions solely to sustain their organization, land acquisition and stewardship funds.

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