WHAT – An initiative by Foothills Land Conservancy to partner with local landowners, creating ecologically-beneficial and stunning displays of sunflowers that are visible from public roadways.

WHO – FLC Staff and YOU!

WHERE – Blount County properties with major road frontage

WHY – To benefit our local native pollinators and songbirds with a beautiful display of our community’s support for conservation!  Butterflies including Monarchs will nectar on the flowers, and birds like Blue Grosbeaks and American Goldfinches enjoy the seeds.

WHEN – Planting to be done in late spring or early summer…with an open house event (open to the public) at the Harris Farm scheduled for Saturday, June 3, 2023. (Time – to be determined)

HOW – FLC will provide black oil sunflower seeds, or feel free to grow your own favorite varieties!  We will coordinate planting dates and share growing tips.  Plant a strip along the roadway, or even a whole field!

One big goal for this project:  Contiguous sunflower plantings along both sides of Andy Harris Road, where FLC’s office at the Harris Farm is located!  The visual impact of a whole road in bloom would be huge in terms of generating interest for continuing the project in subsequent years and showcasing Blount County’s commitment to conservation—see if you can convince some of your neighbors to join you in planting!

For more information: Please contact Shelby Lyn Sanders at 865-681-8326. To receive future updates on this initiative, sign up for FLC’s eNews.