Our Mission includes  “…protecting, preserving, and enhancing the lands and environments of the Southern Appalachian region and promoting the character of the land for the benefit of the general public, now and in the future.”  Gail’s gift to us was not a farm, it was the land and all life that depend on it and as such includes the opportunity for us to walk the walk.

We share Gail’s vision of managing the farm in such a way that it supports not only agriculture but a diverse natural community as well.  Science continues to discover how we can better integrate our human needs and those of the natural world for mutual benefit. Giving back, not just taking from the land, is a good feeling and the small efforts we have made to date have definitely resulted in benefits for all parties.  Over time we hope to be able to offer our stewardship experiences as examples of wise land use in action, so stay tuned…

Harris Farm Boundaries (orange)

As you can see from the map we are fortunate to have a good blend of landscape types offering us tremendous opportunities and challenges in our land management responsibilities and choices. The bulk of the 318 acres is in agricultural fields bound by patches of woodlands which include the office and residence in the NE corner. Nails Creek crosses the property and joins Little River which is the western property boundary.

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