Foothills Land Conservancy’s Board and staff are excited to announce that the organization’s founding member, Gail Harris, transferred ownership of her 300+ acre Blount County farm to Foothills Land Conservancy!

Sweeping view of the Harris Farm’s fields and former dairy barn. Two thirds of the farm is currently utilized for the production of hay, soy bean, corn and raising cattle.

In 2009, Gail Harris partnered with FLC to place a conservation easement on the 300 acre farm, located in Rockford, TN.  In 2017 she officially transferred the property to Foothills. FLC manages the property’s operations, which includes leasing out a portion of the land for farming. Roughly two thirds of the property is currently being utilized for the production of hay, cattle, soy beans and corn. The remainder of the property consists of woodlands and the organization’s office headquarters, now located at the former homestead. Gail Harris continues to reside on the farm in a separate residence.

“This is a tremendous gift that Gail has given FLC. It’s an opportunity for us to have a permanent headquarters, donated by the Conservancy’s founding member, and on land that is protected through a conservation easement. I see so many great possibilities for the future of Foothills.”  – Bill Clabough, FLC’s Executive Director

To learn more about the Harris Farm:

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“Since I inherited the farm from my late husband and he from his parents, I never did think of the farm as my property, only that I have been given stewardship of it. The donation of this land to FLC is the best way I can think of to honor that stewardship.” – Gail Harris