FLC staff works to remove exotic invasive plants like bush honeysuckle, privet, and multiflora rose using a combination of mechanical and chemical treatments.

Managing your property is a rewarding way to connect to the land and enhance your enjoyment of your piece of nature.  Whether you have one acre or thousands, there are lots of ways that you can actively manage those acres to benefit wildlife. Things like removing invasive plants, creating wildlife openings, managing forests, and adding native plants benefit not only the ecological and aesthetic value of your property but also your local wildlife and ecosystem as a whole. FLC assists landowners with recommendations for all types of land management.

A landowner conducts a control burn to enhance wildlife habitat on his working farm in Ten Mile, TN.

If you are interested in creating or enhancing plant and wildlife habitat, FLC can help get you started with a land management plan tailored to your vision for your property. Land management ultimately depends on your goals for your property, and FLC helps equip you with the right tools to achieve those goals.

FLC can also provide forest management plans to improve forest health, generate income from sustainable silvicultural practices, or to satisfy Greenbelt requirements.  An FLC biologist will visit your property, take inventory of your forests, and then combine that data with your goals to create a long-term plan for forestry activities.


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