Devil Step Hollow190 Tranquility Lane, Pikeville, TN 37367

Acre: 394

Property Type: Public

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Devil Step Hollow

Devilstep Hollow

Co-held with another land conservancy, this property is part of the Justin P. Wilson Cumberland State Park.  Devilstep Hollow is a karst valley and is in fact the largest sinkhole in North America.  The cave houses petroglyphs, mud glyphs and pictographs that are over one thousand years old. The cave is the sight of important indigenous ceremonies. With the underlying geology of much of the plateau being highly erodible limestone, it is important to conserve these sinkholes and caves, as they are not only the site of important cultural resources but also provide unique habitat for highly specialized wildlife and plant species.

The property is visible from an overlook on the Falcon Warrior Trail, which is an easy-moderate 0.5 mile hike according to Tennessee State Parks.