Project #167 – Ivey Branch33.089278 -82.527528

Acre: 141.1

Property Type: Habitat

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Project #167 – Ivey Branch

Ivey Branch

Ivey Branch flowing through property

Ivey Branch flowing through property

This beautiful easement conserves important habitat and wetlands in the Ivey Branch and Upper Ogeechee River Watersheds. A new record for Jefferson County, the Oglethorpe oak (Quercus oglethorpensis) was identified on the property during the baseline visit. The Bottomland Hardwood Forests and Alluvial (Brownwater) Rivers and Swamps found on the property are important habitats in the Georgia Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy.  These types of habitats are also located in nearby Wildlife Areas increasing their availability in the area.  To that point, the eastern towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) and northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) were observed on the property.  Both of these birds are considered species of conservation concern.  Properties such as these provide landowners with assurance that their property’s important habitats will be protected permanently.