Our conservation programs

Help us protect nature and build community.

Farmland Raptor Project

We’re partnering with MTM Environmental Consulting, LLC, to promote healthy populations of raptors, which are invaluable to farmers as pest control but are declining due to disappearing habitat. Our first goal is to place 50 nest boxes for the beautiful American kestrel near farmland or open fields. If you volunteer your property for a nest box and monitoring, you’ll not only make your farm hospitable for these skilled hunters, but you’ll also contribute to scientific knowledge about the species that can aid conservation efforts.

FLC Sunflower Trail

In 2023, FLC launched this initiative to light up the roadways of Blount County with cheerful, wildlife-friendly sunflowers. Taking inspiration from the plantings of a local landowner, we planted a full acre of sunflowers along Andy Harris Road and welcomed the public to visit during four weekends of peak bloom in August. We want to expand this effort to be an annual celebration of conservation—so we need more landowners to participate! If you’d like to learn more or volunteer your land, reach out.

Scenic Viewshed Initiative

The new Foothills Parkway between Walland and Wears Valley brings more visitors to our beautiful area—and puts more pressure on the open lands, forests, and farms along its route. It’s critical to act now to preserve the scenic vistas that make Blount County special. We’re collaborating with landowners whose properties are viewable from parkway overlooks to protect them through conservation easements, land donations, and the creation of wildlife management areas with public access. If your property lies along the Foothills Parkway and you’re concerned about its future, please get in touch.